Prosecution Elite (2023) Episode

Prosecution Elite (2023) Episode 20 English Subbed

An Ni is the top student at a prestigious law school. Her reputation has brought her to the attention of some of the nation’s top legal bodies. Upon entering the Procuratorate, China’s top public prosecution body, she is assigned to a new department. The department’s chiefs think that as a “new face,” she will help provide the department with new ideas and a fresh outlook. An Ni finds herself working alongside police captain He Lu Yuan. Those who do not know He Lu Yuan well find him to be cold, ruthless, and abrasive. The duo soon find themselves on the tail of complex, novel cybercrime offenders. Many of these involve international gangs. The maverick prosecutor and the police captain must pool all their wits and resources in a bid to bring offenders to justice, and soon discover that a mysterious mastermind nicknamed “Old A” may be pulling the strings behind the scenes. (Source : Viki) ~~ This drama was based on real-life stories handled by the Chinese Supreme People’s Procuratorate.

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