Bo Ra! Deborah (2023) Episode 7 English Subbed

The series follows the romantic journey of Yeon Bo Ra, a celebrated love coach and successful author of romance novels, and Lee Soo Hyuk, a charming man who grapples with matters of the heart. As a discerning publishing planner, Soo Hyuk is not easily impressed and initially has a negative …

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Ha Ha Bus (2023) Episode 5 English Subbed

Ha Ha Bus (2023) Episode 5 Engli

A travel program prepared for Haha and Byul’s daughter, Song, who recovered after fighting a rare disease. The show will follow the family as they travel across the country, giving viewers a warm healing experience by capturing various sceneries from hidden attractions to famous family travel spots in South Korea.

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The Promise (2023) Episode 8 English Subbed

The Promise (2023) Episode 5 Eng

Phupha and Nanfah have been friends since childhood. Phupha’s father runs an old coffee shop opposite Nanfah’s father’s pharmacy, so the two grew up close, sharing experiences. However, after leaving college, Phupha suddenly disappears from Nanfah’s world and hasn’t been heard of in the past ten years. Sad and lonely, …

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Love Naggers 3 Episode 174 English Subbed

Following impregnable data of breakups established through seasons 1 and 2, the romance-destroying talk show is back with Season 3. After strong nagging by the panellists on love stories, which are more unbelievable than soap operas, more and more troubled men and women are being released from their bitter relationships. …

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Humans (2021) Episode 2 English Subbed

The story is set in the year 2035 when a self-aware female robot enters a human family. Throughout her journey, she fights many enemies to protect her family and friends. She becomes in tune with her humanity as she grows, matures and learns about love. In Shehong City, a man …

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How Do You Play Episode 184 English Subbed

How Do You Play Episode 179 Engl

In an attempt to make a new variety show concept, program director Kim Tae Ho give a video camera to Yoo Jae Suk, suggesting that he passes it to other celebrities as a relay camera program. The camera is passed among many people who recorded what they are doing during …

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