Numaru. Minato-ku Joshikosei (20

Numaru. Minato-ku Joshikosei (2023) Episode 5 English Subbed

Kuraishi Ena is a high school girl in Minato Ward. She is a gifted girl who was born with the ability to see colors 100 times more than normal people. Therefore, while she was full of talent for drawing from an early age, she was a child who was obsessed with drawing to an abnormal degree, but due to events, she stopped drawing. However, she feels a special color when she first finds her favorite in the perfect boy talent Sonomiya Ren, and she starts drawing. It’s also a secret from her classmate’s boyfriend Takamori Yuma. Saito Marika, who created Ena’s promotion, is happy to have her as a companion, in the meantime, Yuzuki Kotona learns a certain secret.

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