Meant To Be (2023) Episode 32 En (1)

Meant To Be (2023) Episode 40 English Subbed

Chi Hwan believes in money and authority more than the law and strives to live at the top of the ladder. His mother had to face wrongful death when he was young, and he suffered from poverty and war alone. To put an end to the misery, he rose out of poverty to great wealth and became a successful chairman of Shine Cosmetics. Se Na, who is actually Yi Chang’s biological daughter, grows up as the daughter of Chi Hwan and dreams of becoming his sole heir. She wants to be with Jin Woo, but sadly, she realizes he is in love with Hae In, Chi Hwan’s biological daughter. By an ironic twist of fate, Hae In lost her mother as a child and was adopted by Yi Chang. How will the fate of the fathers and daughters unravel?

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