A Date With the Future (2023) Ep (1)

A Date With the Future (2023) Episode 16 English Subbed

A decade ago, a deadly earthquake almost claimed the life of a high school girl named Xu Lai. It was only the quick thinking and bravery of a young firefighter Jin Shi Chuan that saved her. As he rescued her from the falling rubble, she became smitten with him as they made a comforting “promise” – and when they parted, she resolved to seek him out at all costs. Now, 10 years later, Jin Shi Chuan has risen to the rank of captain. Xu Lai has become a news reporter. When a fire breaks out at a chemical plant, Jin Shi Chuan comes to the rescue once again. While she recognizes him right away, he does not do likewise – and thinks she is just a trouble-making reporter. To make matters worse, her report is taken out of context, leading many social media posters to criticize the fire department! But Xu Lai’s love for him has not diminished – and she resolves to fix this and win his heart at all costs. She becomes a dog trainer – helping train special fire-fighting canines who can help rescuers in their efforts. This brings her closer to Jin Shi Chuan. But he carries deep scars from past hurt. Can Xu Lai’s love help mend the pain?

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