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Gen Z (2023) Episode 30 English Subbed

Gen Z (2023) Episode 30 English

Sun Tou Tou is an orphan in her twenties. One day, she gets into trouble while fighting injustice. Ren Xin Zheng, a professor at the University of Chinese Medicine, comes to her aid and learns her life story. Professor Ren accepts her into the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) course to …

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Bo Ra! Deborah (2023) Episode 11 English Subbed

Bo Ra! Deborah (2023) Episode 7 (1)

The series follows the romantic journey of Yeon Bo Ra, a celebrated love coach and successful author of romance novels, and Lee Soo Hyuk, a charming man who grapples with matters of the heart. As a discerning publishing planner, Soo Hyuk is not easily impressed and initially has a negative …

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The Hidden Character (2023) Episode 2 English Subbed

The Hidden Character is Be On Cloud’s First reality show featuring the company’s eleven new actors. The eleven attended auditions in which they were selected based on their individual charms and natural spontaneity. The newbies will come together for activities with advice from their KinnPorsche the Series seniors. Viewers will …

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