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Take Us Home (2023) Episode 28 English Subbed

Take Us Home (2023) Episode 28 E

Dong Ni, Xi Jue and Nan Yin are three cousins from the Zheng family, who knows each other from childhood. Dong Ni has a rebellious personality because of her parents’ situation. Before she decides to run from her family problems and get married in Germany, she tries to take Xi …

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Thin Ice (2023) Episode 37 English Subbed

Thin Ice (2023) Episode 37 Engli

In Shanghai in 1943, Chen Qian, a military agent, was ordered to assassinate the Japanese, but fell into the trap of Yujiro Ida, the head of Japan’s plum agency. Born on the day, and accidentally learned of the Japanese conspiracy. In order to stop the sinister plan of the invaders, …

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Destiny Seeker (2023) Episode 9 English Subbed

Destiny Seeker (2023) Episode 2

Songkhram and Ai are both engineering students living in university dorms. Songkhram is the head of Dorm 2 where the “strong and athletic” male students are sorted. Ai is the head of Dorm 3 where all the “good-looking” male students live. Dorms 2 and 3 have been at each other’s …

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Shooting Stars (2021) Episode 89 English Subbed

Shooting Stars (2021) Episode 86

Female soccer teams comprised of celebrities and non-celebrities, working together to battle it out on the soccer field. Most have little soccer experience, but with the coaching from various Korean soccer legends, the team members grow with a fierce passion that leads to inspiring victories and regretful losses. Each team …

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Bo Ra! Deborah (2023) Episode 4 English Subbed

Bo Ra! Deborah (2023) Episode 3

The series follows the romantic journey of Yeon Bo Ra, a celebrated love coach and successful author of romance novels, and Lee Soo Hyuk, a charming man who grapples with matters of the heart. As a discerning publishing planner, Soo Hyuk is not easily impressed and initially has a negative …

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